Integrative Health Consultation

Integrative consultations with Daphne Miller, MD may benefit patients who receive their primary care elsewhere but desire an in-depth conversation, an advocate and a carefully researched second opinion from the perspective of integrative health. For instance, you might seek an integrative consultation for menopause-related symptoms, chronic digestive problems, an autoimmune issue, a cancer diagnosis, or a rare disorder.

Consultations always include at least one visit, either in-person or by Skype, and result in concrete recommendations. Depending on your medical situation, additional research, lab work, referrals, follow-up visits, and direct advocacy with your healthcare provider might be needed to address your issues fully and ensure you receive optimal care. Dr. Miller’s role is to act as a advocate, researcher, and educator by offering you:

• A more thorough understanding of the health issues you are experiencing
• The most effective therapies with the least toxicity and side effects
• Optimal ways to build health and resilience as you deal with your health concerns
• Referrals to the best specialists nationally, as may be required to address your problems
• Follow up and advocacy to make sure your issues are being addressed.

Consultations usually require, on average, two-three visits (initial one-hour appointment and 40-minute follow-ups) and at least one hour of research.

To make your appointment, please contact our office.

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